Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hummus…where have you been my whole life?

Okay, so while everyone around me ate hummus for years, I thought I hated it! For some reason yesterday I turned the corner and discovered life! I LOVE  HUMMUS! Wow! What the heck have I been missing all this time? Maybe it took turning vegan until I would give it a shot? Who knows, but I really like it, especially the Sabra hummus (I get it at Costco).

Anyways, RA peoples, how are you? It has been awhile. I have been struggling with painful hands and wrists (enough pain to make me curse like a drunken sailor! Hey that is it! Maybe if I actually become a drunken sailor my pain will go away?! lol). I have also had tons of stiffness and neck pain, yadda, yadda, yadda – just par for the course with RA.

As most of you know I have been a Raw Vegan girl for over 5 months. Well that changed about three weeks ago. The raw diet helped in so many ways – my cholesterol dropped 30 points, I am finally going to the bathroom on a regular basis and my skin got clearer. However, the one thing that got worse and I do mean WORSE was my RA. I have no idea why. How can NO processed foods, and a diet of raw vegetables and fruit NOT help my auto immune disease? I have no answers. But 5.5 months was enough and I just started to incorporate some lean protein into my diet. Very little mind you, maybe 2-3 oz a week. So I am still eating pretty healthy but I have indulged in some occasional crap like a few cheetos, non-vegan desserts, etc. So is my RA better since I incorporated some lean protein and a little processed stuff back into my diet? YES. Let me repeat, YES. I have not taken prednisone for at least two weeks when I had practically been living on it. Now, research shows that my RA should have improved with a plant-based diet, so maybe I am just a freak of nature. I still want and plan to eat a healthy and high plant-based diet because that will keep my cholesterol low. RA people have a higher incidence of heart disease *some research states that due to inflammation, we are at higher risk for cardiac issues. So I would like to combat that with a healthy diet.

So for the unveiling of my beautiful HUMMUS WRAP – just grab a tortilla (in my case a Trader Joe's Brown Rice Tortilla cuz they are chewy and I like em!) and spread your hummus all around, dump in a ton of veggies and voila! I used spinach, carrots, green and purple cabbage, and some avo. Next time I am gonna throw in some red bell peppers.

Hope everyone has a terrific, painless weekend! Now anyone out there know of a natural way to thicken your hair? Methotrexate (oh how I loathe you) makes me lose hair, and I cannot afford to lose a single strand!



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