Friday, February 19, 2010

My hand modeling career is over!

goodhands Okay, Okay, I do not have George Castanza's hands! Who does? Hey RA peoples! I found some old pics of my hands way back from 2006 and thought I would compare the images with my hands today (why? you ask, I don't know I guess I am sadistic like that). These are my "I wish" hands.

***Warning*** the pictures below are not for the faint of heart and are real-life graphic depictions of mangled, crippled, goofy RA hands (yes goofy as I drop things all the time!). You better have your children leave the room…jk

Well this is the real thang people and we all just have to deal and rock on right? Hey maybe we should have an RA hand modeling contest! The winner gets a pair of gloves. ha-ha! Yeah I'm sick like that! But after all these years, my hands have become the "butt" of jokes. My friends and family seem to find amusement in making fun of my mangled hands. It is kind of funny. I mean what else can we do but laugh at our ailments sometimes.


Well, I have been on various cr@ppy RA drugs since 1996 – so what do you all think? Has the meds stopped the progression of this cr@pola disease? Hey, remember I am only 46 even though my hands look like the crypt keeper. Maybe in heaven I can have beautiful hands, oh and while we are at it, a small booty and gorgeous thick hair (yeah, hair loss is another RA post for another day!)

Hilarious Anecdote: and its twu!  smile_teeth

A few years back, my son Cody spent the weekend with his friend Adam, at my best friend's Leslie's house (Cody, Adam, Leslie – check). The rest of us were on our way down there and decided to stop at a restaurant for a bite to eat. It just happened to be my birthday. So, my BFF Leslie, decided to have a huge brownie thingy delivered to my table. She called the restaurant over the phone to accomplish this sweet task. However, the restaurant needed a way to find me? It was packed, and they were not going to call my name over a loud speaker. My friend told them to look for a girl in a black shirt, but tons of women were wearing black shirts. So my witty, and oh so sick-sense-of-humor son says "Have them look at the hands!, the mangled up hands!" – Well at the time it was hilarious – as they found me right away after that dead giveaway.

So ya see? Because my hands were so twisted, I got a brownie delivered to my table! *sigh* Life is good. smiley


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Vegan Valerie said...

Oh Judy, I am so sorry about all this RA nonsense you have to deal with. I don't honestly know how you can stand it! I guess you just do what you can.

You are so awesome for eating high-raw. I am not there yet. I am living in low-raw land, right now. :) But I know I can do better.

I did want to say I appreciated your mention about George Castanza hands! OH man! That cracked me up!

Take care, Judy! I'm thinking of you...


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