Friday, February 19, 2010

A Wild and Crazy Ride - RA is one sick puppy!

logo Hey! Thought I would start yet another blog that totally focuses on the trials and tribulations or Rheumatoid Arthritis, cuz we know there are at least 2 million of us out there in the US alone! RA has invaded my bod for over 13 years now, so why the heck don't I blog about it, eh? The world needs another blog don't ya think?

Trying to put a positive spin on this wild disease can be a difficult thing, but I will try my best.

RA is Really Awful - how is that for a positive spin? jk - well it is really awful, but when you got it, you got it and you can't give it away - so let's face it together shall we? Having trouble opening a ziplock? Turning a door handle? Buttoning your shirt? Getting out of bed? Well you have come to the right blog!

Repeat after me: RA can bite me, RA can bite me, RA can bite get the picture!

How about we really focus on the positive things in our lives and how we overcome this cr@ptastic disease with determination and lots of wrist braces! So onward fellow crippled people! Let's kick RA's bootay shall we?


Pony said...

Hey RawSierra! I've been lurking over on your other blog, and am now de-lurking over here :)

I love your positive attitude and your love of hiking/camping :) I'm having some major issues with my ankle right now (I don't get it! Back when both of my knees and feet were involved, I still could hike!?!? But not with the ankle.), and I am really missing snowshoeing and hiking right now. I got in some good camping this summer for our holidays, though! Anyway, I'm looking forward to many more posts from you!

RawSierra said...

Hi pony! I just posted over at your blog. It's so cool that us RA people can connect online. Only a person with RA can honestly know what another person with RA goes thru. I love your blog name!

Glad you got to do some camping. I just SO wont let RA get me down. My hubby has to pack most everything though as my hands SUUUCCKKK!

Im following your blog now. Look forward to your posts!

Pony said...

I'm adding you, too Judy! The whole point of me creating a blog was to find that support from people who knew exactly what I was going through. Especially women, as we are embarking on starting a family. RA + baby = eek! Eek and exciting :)


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