Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to peel an orange

Not so easy to do with mangled hands! Simple solution. Have the hubby do it! Yep. He peeled it and then I ate it. Men are really useful for some things! lol. At least for me, peeling an orange with my bare hands is not gonna happen. Alot of times I do not want help even though I need it. Kind of a rebellion thing. One time I stopped all my meds for six weeks just cuz RA pissed me off so much. Yeah, RA won that battle – but it's always a battle with RA isn't it? A mental and physical battle. I cannot open jars, or ziplocks (yes ziplocks…how sucky is that??!!! I mean who cant open a ziplock?), clean showers or any tight spaces, button stuff, etc. But hey! I can still tell RA to go where the sun don't shine right?  For me, I know it's gonna suck most of the time. Like last night at 4:30 am when I woke up to take a Darvocet and some prednisone cuz I hurt so bad. But I refuse to get depressed over it. I would rather just lift my crippled, mangled, middle finger and flip RA the bird each morning, and then get on with my life. Sorry for the middle finger reference, but sometimes that is exactly what I need to do to overcome this crappy RA thang! I do not look to happy in this pic as I was trying to peel the dang orange by myself, but had to let the hubby finally do it! Scroll down for happier pics from this crippled, old RA gal.

Snow Canyon State Park, Utah

Hiking essentials with RA 101 – Trekking Poles are a must!


Wrist wraps are absolutely essential RA hiking people using trekking poles! Well at least for me they are necessary.

Pineapple and Peet's Coffee….yum..Pineapple for Bromelain for the anti-inflammatory effects. Heck, I do not notice a difference but it tastes good (even better with Rum and Coconut) No alcohol with RA meds? Who said that…hello I can't hear you???!!!!!! After 13 years with RA, who says I ever listen to Doctor's anymore?

Have a great week everyone!


Laurie Grassi said...

I hear you on the Ziplock thing! Hope you're feeling better soon! :) Laurie

mary said...

I use a spoon to peel an orange. I can push but have problems pulling. Push the spoon round side up under the skin and peel up. Worth a try when the hubby isn't home and an organe is a must. Glad your doing an RA and hiking/backpacking site. I can relate to both.

Pony said...

I love husbands for peeling oranges (among many other things!). I also really enjoy clementines as they are generally much easier to peel and give me a great sense of accomplishment! I also have my moments with ziplocks, too.

rawkstar diaries said...

I think you are awesome and an inspiration to so many people! What an awesome, orange peeling hubby too!

bitt of raw said...

when i'm in a lot of pain i crave pineapple like crazy! i have osteoarthritis in my joints. i figure go crazy on it if i want it.

go ahead and flip RA the bird and keep doing what you do.

RawSierra said...

bitt - I think a new blogspot name has been created by you...


haha...sounds perfect!


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