Saturday, March 13, 2010

Working out with RA – The Dreadmill, I mean Treadmill

Hey, hey, its Saturday! What's up? How is the RA treating you this weekend? Crappy, yeah, I knew that. Well, I thought I would let you know about the new Asics running shoes I just purchased last weekend. I have a treadmill in my bedroom that I try to use at least 3 or 4 times week (if I am not out hiking). But alot of times I put my workout clothes on, lay in my bed and stare at the treadmill. Does that count as a workout? Can I burn calories that way? HAHA…I SO WISH! I have been wearing Salomon trail shoes, but they suck on the treadmill as they are made for the trail. I am soooo glad I purchased these Asics 1140 Running shoes and I got them at a killer price of 59 bucks. I notice my feet are not near as sore after I walk and there is alot of heel cushion. So if you have RA and you are looking for some great walking/running shoes, these Asics are the bomb. You can also insert Superfeet insoles, as they are awesome for arch support.

Asics Women's Gel -1140 Running Shoes

I have stepped up my workout routine lately as I am trying to shed some poundage. I have been alternating walking and running on the treadmill. Granted I cannot run fast (its a jog ok?) but I am hoping it will jiggle the pounds off of me. So far my knees are handling it okay. When I first went on the raw diet, my knees were killing me, but that has subsided a bit. My RA has always really affected my hands, wrists, and feet.  All my other joints are not great, but not near as bad as the former. I used to lift weights faithfully years ago before my RA got really bad. I am trying to start that up again, but with horrible wrists, I have to lift really light and wear tight wrist straps. Remember these:

 Wrap these super tight to hold any weights in your hands…even 2 pounders!

Anyways, here is my workout routine this week (I know a boring post but hey, my life is mostly boring!)

  • Monday: Treadmill [2.0 miles, alternate walking at 4.0 incline 3, jogging 5.0 incline 1.0)/Pyramid Upper Body Cathe Tape
  • Tuesday: off – felt crappy today
  • Wednesday: off – still felt crappy
  • Thursday: Treadmill [2.0 miles, alternate walking at 4.0 incline 3, jogging 5.1 incline 1.0)
  • Friday: Treadmill [2.25 miles, alternate walking at 4.0 incline 3, jogging 5.2 incline 1.0)
  • Saturday: Treadmill [2.25 miles, alternate walking at 4.0 incline 3, jogging 5.2 incline 1.0)/Cathe Muscle Endurance tape

This routine includes LOTS of Motrin and keeping up on my Enbrel (my medicine routine kind of sucks, I am trying to work on it). I feel the need to really start building up my muscle strength to help support those crappy joints I have. Okay, well it's Saturday and I have not started my workout. Off to the dreadmill, oh I mean treadmill! I hope you all have a fantastic day! And remember, RA is CRAPPY!

What do all of you do for exercise? Do you feel that it helps you in the long run even thought it might hurt to do it at the time?


Laurie Grassi said...

Hey there! Sorry you're feeling crappy, but hope you're able to keep up as possible with your exercise.

Me, I've been on the elliptical 2x this week and gone for walks 2 other times – yippee! That's pretty good, considering my feet cause major problems most of the time. I also did some strength stuff yesterday – also good since my hands/wrists are problematic for me. This time my right elbow wasn't happy, so I just ended up focusing more on my left side.

Overall, though, exercise makes me feel happier, which is huge, especially since the RA diagnosis has made me feel so overwhelmed and sad at times. So I'll keep on exercising as I can even when I feel like a lazy bum!

:) Laurie

Leslie said...

Thanks for posting this...I have been researching new shoes so I can start walking again for exercise. It's good to know someone else with RA approves these shoes :) Thanks :)

mary said...

Mostly bike during the summer. Winter work outs include the eliptical, bike and weights. I agree that weights are really necessary to shore up the muscles and tendons around all my lousy joints. Due to a recent flare I have gone back to the pool.

I love the feeling a good workout leaves me with.

Pony said...

Pre-ankle crappiness I was a big hiker/walker/snowshoer, and am slowly starting to walk again now that my humira is kicking in :) Ellipticals are awesome!

Gisela said...

I try to walk 5 miles a day, summer and winter. I have been walking in Asics gel shoes for several years now (I go through two to three pair a year) because they give support to and cushion my sore feet. Walking makes me feel better (and less sorry for myself)!

Anonymous said...

wow, you have a great routine going on there! i LOVE exercising. i feel better physically, emotionally afterwards :)

the raw cowgirl said...

OMG! Asics gel running shoes! I've had so many pairs of them and only started wearing them after I was diagnosed with RA. It's the gel THROUGHOUT that does it I think. I miss mine :( As I don't make as much $ as I used to I haven't been able to replace my 2 year old ones and so they are pretty much toast. I have a pair of Nike's at the moment but they are nothing compared to Asics. Running with RA - you're a trouper! Hey - I'm so glad you joined my blog so I can read all about your RA and Rawness! Happy to meet you!

Clare said...

just found your blog...i'm another RA blogged who works out. used to be a runner, still a cyclist, now a swimmer (and not a runner), always a weight lifter (i've graduated away from the wrist wraps though! but trade off is my ankle is a mess, always something!).


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